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We, through the advanced technology, are creating the world in a harmony with people and nature

Received a Seoul Metropolitan City Arward for Improvement of Operating Efficiency in Resource Recovery Facility.
Merger and Acquistion by the Hanmac Family.
Manufactory Relocation(Chungbuk, Eumseoung ‘ζ Chungnam, Dangjin)
Completed Construction of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Facility of Nation‘―s First Biofuel.(Bio Automotive Fuel Facility in Wonju City)
Designated as "Korea Leading Environmental Companies" by Minister of Environment
Completed Construction of Nation‘―s First RDF Power Plant(Iksan the 2nd Industrial Complex of Group Energy Facility)
Received the Excellence award for Environmental Green Technology by Seoul City
The 1st National Green Technology Award, Commendation of the Minister of Environment(Municipal Waste Recycling Plant, Pyrolysis & Melting Type
Established Saudi Arabia office in Al Khobar
Established Halla Energy & Environment(India)
Established the Vina-Halla Heavy Industries in Vietnam
Acquired patent for RBF(Riverbed Filtration)
Certified by the Korean Ministry of the Environment for new technology regarding RBF
Acquired patent for industrial waste water recycling system
Acquired patent for manufacturing method of the sludge
Acquired patent for intergrated incineration system for organic sludge and combustible waste
Acquired patent for soil remediation technology
Acquired 2nd patent for RBF
Received the $3 million Export Tower Award
Acquired new technology certificate (automated disinfection process in water treatment)
Acquired patent for the pyrolysis & melting waste method
Acquired patent for gas sensor
Acquired patent for RBF (Riverbed Filtration)
Acquired patent for automated water treatment system
Began R&D for solar energy applications
Certified by the Korean Ministry of the Environment for new technology regarding water treatment method
Acquired equipment patent for the integrated digestive treatment of food waste & animal excrement
Acquired patent for RID (Rotation Immersion Disks) system
Acquired patent for HASS (Halla Advanced Sewage System)
Acquired patent for soil remediation method (permeable reactive barrier)
Received Presidential Award at the New Technology Promotion Competition
Received quality certification for an environmental facility (food waste recycling)
First company in Korea to acquire certification for an integrated management system (quality, the environment & health) in the areas of construction and the environment
First company in Korea to be awarded a contract for flue gas denitrification facilities (Seoul thermal power plant)
Completed construction of an industrial facility manufacturing plant in Eumseng, Korea
Received quality certifications for environmental equipment (fabric collector)
Received quality certifications for environmental facilities (electrostatic precipitator & flue gas desulfurization facilities)
Environmental division separated and became an independent company Halla Energy & Environment
Received the Jang Yeong Shil Award for facility development in the field of anaerobic digestion utilizing organic waste to create compost.
First Korean company to operate a municipal solid waste incineration plant (Changwon incineration plant)
Halla Heavy Industries entered the environmental industry field
First company in Korea to be awarded an overseas contract to build a fabric collector facility (Saudi Arabia ‘© Gizan Cement)
Established, the predecessor of Halla Engineering &Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Hyundai International Inc