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Halla Energy & Environment has contributed to national balanced development and national economy by constructing roads, railways and bridges. We have abundant skill, knowledge, and experience in the construction field of Seohae Line(Hongsseong ? Songsan) of double track railway 7 section, inter-city road of Gamil-choy, and road extension of Deokrae ? Yonggang. Based on our passion and challenge, we have great achievements by establishing high-quality facilities through close construction management and safety management. We will continue to play a leading role in creating a reliable construction culture for customers from design and construction to after-sales service through continuous technology development


No. Project Name Client Size/specification Note
1 Road-widening construction for Deokrae ? Yonggang Iksan regional office of construction management Road 6.78km, Bridge 0.55km Under construction
2 Road construction for Gamil ? Choy Hanam city Road 3.9km Under construction
3 Road construction for Jeokseong ? Jeongok (Package No.1) Seoul regional office of construction management Road 7.56km, Bridge 2.11km Under construction
4 Construction for detour road of Yongin city(Sangga-Daechon) Seoul regional office of construction management Road 7.44km Under construction
5 Western line (Hongseong-Songsan)Roadbed construction for double track railway section Korea Rail Network Authority Railway 7.13km, Civil work 1.79km Tunnel 1.38km Bridge 3.959km Under construction
6 Construction for Incheon Metropolitan Urban Railroad Line 2 Section Incheon Metropolitan Urban Railroad Construction Headquarters Railway 2.38km Under construction
7 Construction for route 1 of detour road of multifunctional administrative city(Package NO.1) Korea Land & Housing Corporation Road 3.4km, Underpass 1.8km Completed in 2013
8 Third Gyeongin Expresway (Siheung-Namdong) Private Investment Business (Package No. 1) Third Gyeongin Highway Corporation Expressway 2.7Km, Bridge 0.79km Completed in 2010
9 Road construction for Yeongdeok ? Osan, local road 311(package No.2) Korea Land & Housing Corporation Road 3.3km, Bridge 1.28km, Tunnel 2.7km Completed in 2009

Sewer Repair Work

Halla Energy & Environment is carrying out Sewage pipelines facility which collects and transports domestic sewage from various households, hospitals, factories, and various wastewater treatment. we are creating a pleasant urban environment by establishing environmental infrastructure due to urban development that through the introduction of advanced technology and systematic construction management, smooth transportation of sewage, improvement of water quality of discharged water station, and improving efficiency of public sewage treatment facility


No. Project Name Client Size/specification Note
1 Build Transfer Lease for maintenance work of Siheung-si sewage pipelines Siheung-si Pipleline 48.7km Under construction
2 Expansion work of Ganghwa county Public sewerage system Korea Environment Corporation Pipeline 26km Under construction
3 Construction work of Oseoung public sewerage treatment facility Pyeongtae-si Nonpressure flow pipeline 21.2km, Amsom pipeline 2.11km Under construction
4 Small scale of public sewerage treatment plant in Weiryong Yeoju Pipeline 18.6km Under construction
5 Build Transfer Lease for maintenance work of Yangsan-si sewage pipelines JE Yangsan ecoline Pipeline 42.58km Completed in 2012
6 public sewerage treatment facility in Anseong-si iljuk, juksan Anseong-si Pipeline 30.94km Completed in 2012
7 Installation of Moonoseong-Myeon sewage treatment facility Gijang County Pipeline 19.3km Completed in 2012
8 Maintenance work of Hangang water system sewage pipelines(2-4section) Korea Environment Corporation Pipelne 213.58km Completed in 2011
9 Maintenance work of Sajang sewage treatment plant Hwacheon County Pipeline 49.29km Completed in 2010
10 Maintenance work of Hangang wate system sewage pipelines(3section) Korea Environment Corporation Pipeline 70.34km Completed in 2007
11 Collecting pipeline within expansion work in Yeongdong sewage treatment facility Yeongdong County Pipeline 19.91km Completed in 2004