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Halla Energy & Environment, based on abundant experience in the environmental field, shall be creating the world in a harmony with people and nature through continuous technological innovation such as next generation environmental technology development, advanced technology alliance, technology Data Base build in waste treatment, water treatment and Power generation BOP field. Also, Halla Energy & Environment is dedicated to cultivate technological competitiveness and cost competitiveness through practical use of performance and new knowledge which obtained by exploring and identifying problems that arise in field operation to develop unique models.


Field Technology classification Registration
Bio-gas Anaerobic Digestion System 1
Incineration and Pyrolysis System 5
MBT System 5
Asbestos waste treatment system 1
Ocean waste treatment system 3
Install water pipe system 2
Riverbed filtration system 16
Wastewater advanced wastewater treatment system 1
Wastewater treatment 1
Water treatment 1
Sewage conduit 1
Power BOP Collector and cyclone system 6
Others Hybrid composite pile and construction method 2
Total 45

New Technology

No. Technical Name Designation number Section
1 Rapid construction PSC Box Girder Bridge(Nodular Girder) by using Pre-tension concrete belly member and nodule member made at the factory. No.812 New technology
2 A lowered bridge for recovering flood damaged by integrating concrete segment girder and high stiffness pile No.2017-3 New technology for disaster prevention


No. Title of invention Registration Number Registration Date
1 Clean tower for Incineration plant No.30-0585936 2011.01.13

Utility model

No. Title of invention Registration Number Registration Date
1 Crane for ship No.20-0452876 2011.03.16
2 Crane for ship No.20-0452416 2011.02.17

Property rights

No. Title of invention Registration Number Registration Date
1 Clean tower(Chimney and observation) No.C-2009-003146 2009.03.27
2 Automatic depository (automatic Crynet building) No.C-2008-011413 2008.12.16