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The building engineering and construction area of Halla Energy & Environment is creating pleasant residential and business environments from apartments and business buildings to large-scale area development projects that bring people and nature together in harmony.


No. Project Name Client Size/specification Note
1 New building construction of Ansan global research, educational multi complex Korea Rural Community Corporation Exchange center building:4,950, Research building:4,734 Guest house 4,891 Under construction
2 Hwaseong dongtan2 A7BL apartment and middle school building construction Korea Land and Housing Corporation Apartment: 10dong(806 residents) including 1st middle school Under construction
3 New building construction of Pangyo clean tower accommodation Korea Land and Housing Corporation Swimming pool: 25m 6 lines Completed in 2012
4 Chowon townhouse of reconstruction maintenance business Chowon townhouse of reconstruction maintenance business union 72 units Completed in 2009
5 Indong new building construction Indong Total floor area: 9,023 Completed in 2008
6 Taeil apartment of reconstrucion maintenance business Taeil apartment of reconstruction maintenance business union 201 units Completed in 2006
7 New building construction of Guro Halla villionth business building YK corporation Total floor area: 9,773 Completed in 2003
8 Gaetgoal Ecological park construction(1st phase) Siheung-si 230,050 Completed in 2014
9 Namyangju byeollae district special structure installation and ecoriver construction(Zone 2) Korea Land&Housing Corporation River 5.6km Completed in 2014